Benjamin NP - GRS KIts

Installation Instructions for Benjamin Trail NP's, Crosman Titans, Crosman Venums models

These GRS Kits are designed to keep your ram centered in piston. This will extend the life of gas rams and give you an overall smoother shooting and cocking cycle.

Step 1. Remove action from stock. Two fore stock screws and one located on trigger guard.



Step 2. Place action in your spring compressor. Use block of wood to push against back of action. Remove rear trigger lug bolt. Now take a punch and drive pin from action and trigger block. Carefully back off screw off from spring compressor to release pressure. Once free you may remove plastic cap and trigger assembly. Remove trigger block, gas ram and piston carefully.


Step 3. Next clean oil and residue from inside of piston. At this point you want to deburr the slots. After you deburr slots take a dowel and split the end. Put a piece of every cloth in it and wrap it around end of dowel until it will fit inside of piston without forcing it. If you have an electric or battery operated drill motor you can clean up piston inside from front to back. Do not remove any machining marks but just merely put a satin shine on inside of piston.

Now clean piston up again to remove any small sanding debris. Take your gas ram and wipe it down with alcohol very carefully. The bushing supplied should be installed from shaft end onto ram housing. Bushings may be snug or slide on but you should you sould use a small drop of glue on ram housing to hold busing in place. Keep any glue away from ram shaft itself. Once bushing is in place put a couple drops of pure 30 wt. silicone oil on ram shaft. and a dab of moly on end of ram shaft. You should smear some moly on outside of bushing at this time also. Place washer supplied, into the bottom of piston and then insert gas ram into piston seating the shaft end into hole of washer.


Step 3 Now you are ready to put everything back together. You may want to check seal on piston and if bad replace it. If you replace piston seal you would want to debur your action as well.

Note: Delrin Washer in picture Not Needed at bottom of piston..