Installation Instructions.


These GRS Kits are designed to keep your ram centered in piston. The will extend the life of gas rams and give you an overall smoother shooting and cocking cycle


For NP-GRS-XL Kits


Step 1. Remove action from stock. Two forestock screws and one located on trigger guard.

Step 2. Remove Trigger lug bolt in back of trigger and then remove small spring from bear trap and then connecting E clip. Move it to the side or out of your way.

Step 3.  Nest remove end plug which is treaded into action. A spanner wrench can be used to remove plug.

Step 4. Once plug is removed you can then remove trigger from action and slide out gas ram and piston assembly.

Step 5. Clean and deburr inside of piston. Clean Ram Housing and slide bushing over end of ram until fully seated. Even though the bushing is a snug fit I would suggest using just a drop of your favorite glue between bushing and ram. Be careful not to get any on or near shaft.


Ram Bushing has grooves for lube and you should use a small amount of moly on the piston only...(sparingly)  Put a drop or two of Pure Silicone 30 weight oil on shaft. 


Use moly all around piston on front and rear. One Inch strip behind Seal and One Inch strip at rear of piston. Use Moly Sparingly.  Also put just a dab around seal prior to reinstalling piston in action..


If you are wanting to do a full tune then you should debur and prep your action as well.